How to Accept SEPA Payments in WordPress


Would you like WordPress to take SEPA payments?

You can access clients in the 36 European nations that make up the SEPA region by enabling SEPA payment processing on your website. Given that the area completes more than 20 billion transactions annually, this might increase your sales.

We will walk you through the process of accepting SEPA payments in WordPress in this article.

Why Does WordPress Use SEPA Payments?

A project of the European Union, the Single European Payments Area (SEPA) intends to facilitate payments both within and between the 36 member nations.

It establishes a unified market for Euro payments throughout Europe and applies the same set of guidelines and regulations to both domestic and international money transactions.

This implies that you can send money to anybody in the SEPA region using your bank account, regardless of their bank or nation.

You may easily and smoothly take payments from your customers’ bank accounts by integrating SEPA payments on your WordPress website.

In addition to charging less than standard cross-border payment methods, this payment option simplifies the transaction process.

Moreover, including SEPA payments into your membership site or online store gives you access to a sizable European consumer base, so increasing the size of your prospective market.

That being stated, let’s take a step-by-step look at how to accept SEPA payments in WordPress. We will discuss various approaches, and you can quickly navigate to the one you choose to utilize by using the links below:

  • Method 1: Use WordPress’s WP Simple Pay to Accept SEPA Payments (Recommended)
  • Method 2: Use the FunnelKit Stripe Payment Gateway Plugin (Free) to Accept SEPA Payments in WooCommerce
  • Bonus: Integrate PayPal with WooCommerce and WordPress

Method 1: Use WordPress’s WP Simple Pay to Accept SEPA Payments:

This approach is advised if you have a donation or membership website because it allows you to accept payments with a straightforward payment form. If you run a tiny online store, it’s also a great choice.

We will be using WordPress Simple Pay for this strategy. It is the greatest Stripe plugin for WordPress available, enabling you to take payments online without requiring you to set up a shopping cart.

It allows you to receive SEPA payments and includes a payment form builder, predefined layouts, and secure payment processing.

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